Solar Roofing Services in Wharfedale

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Solar Roofing Services

We are qualified to solar survey your property to give impartial advice and determine the:

  • Orientation
  • Scaffold Requirements
  • Potential size and type of system
  • Impact of shading
  • Sap rating
  • Pay back period
  • Feed in tariff rate
  • MCS requirements

NFRC Qualified To Install Solar Frames And Panels

Our staff are all qualified through the National Federation of Roofing Contractors to install the solar frames and panels using the purpose made fittings. It is a MCS requirement to be competent in their installation to qualify for the feed in tariff from the government. This includes all installers having safe working at height and manual handling awareness. Due to the high number of installations being carried out incorrectly we also offer a service to repair or maintain your roof damaged by poor workmanship during the installation process.

We not only work with the photovoltaic panels for the supply of electricity but also the photo thermal which heats your water.

New developments may have to install renewable energy as part of the planning permission. It will also be part of the proposed Green deal for sustainability in roofing which is planned for October 2012. For the current feed in tariff and further up-to-date information about solar energy legislation please visit Solar power: Directgov РEnvironment and greener living


It is a requirement that any roof re-furbishment over 25% is carried out under a building notice which insists upon a thermal upgrade. This includes pitch and flat roofs and may be in the form of any of the following materials:

Traditional Insulation

  • Rigid foil back insulation in varying thickness usually from 25mm to 100mm to sloping ceilings and flat roofs.
  • Mineral Wool requirement is 250 to 300mm on flat ceilings to a loft space.

Eco Insulation (from natural sustainable renewable sources)

  • Sheeps Wool
  • Hemp
  • Recycled Plastic

Examples Of Our Solar Roofing Work

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